Supervisor, District 5, Nevada County


Housing is a critical issue in District 5 of Nevada County and Truckee, resonating deeply with our residents and threading into the fabric of our community's overall well-being. As the state of California grapples with an unprecedented housing crisis, Nevada County is not immune to its impact. Balanced and sustainable development underscores our commitment to developing pragmatic and sustainable housing solutions that accommodate our evolving population while preserving the unique rural character of our district. The intricacies of land use, conservation, open space and workforce development are intertwined with our housing policies, thereby shaping the contours of our regional landscape. My job is to promote regional solutions, bring forward resources and support for housing, while simultaneously, safeguarding the natural beauty and unique identity of our District. It is imperative that we approach this complex issue holistically, always keeping our community's needs and values at the forefront of our decision-making process.

Mental Health

Mental health is a significant focus in mountain communities and District 5 is not unique. We recognize that challenges exist for all people, but we're also aware that they present us with opportunities for growth, healing, and building a more compassionate community. As your County Supervisor, it's my priority to drive mental health on our community's agenda. I am passionate about fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and support - the foundations for a healthy society. I am committed to securing robust, effective, and accessible mental health resources that can preemptively reach those in need, providing necessary services that promote well-being and resilience. Through our collective efforts, we're not just addressing the pressing issue of mental health but also building a community that thrives on empathy, support, and shared understanding. This isn't just about overcoming challenges. It's about creating a community where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued, thereby enabling each of us to flourish. The human experience is nonlinear. My solutions are aimed upstream, to help youth, teens, and our families cope right now, before long term issues become critical.


Wildfires are an existential threat to our way of life, but it is a challenge we are prepared to face and overcome. Living among the magnificent Sierra Nevada, we are conscious of the increased fuel load and changing forest conditions. However, these are our woods - our place of work, recreation, and home - and we hold an intimate understanding of their importance and their needs. True, wildfires can cause environmental changes, but it's this very understanding that emboldens us to protect our water quality, limit erosion, and guard our vibrant wildlife and ecosystem. In meeting this challenge, we are not alone. As your County Supervisor, I am committed to fostering collaborative relationships between our county, the Fire Safe Council, CalFire, the USFS, the Truckee Watershed Council, local fire jurisdictions and large landowners. With collective effort and shared responsibility, we can create effective strategies for wildfire management. Our mission isn't just about combating wildfires but about ensuring our community thrives amid the changing climate, preserving the beauty and vitality of our treasured Nevada County.

Climate Resiliency

Our way of life, recreation, visitation, farming, water, grazing, and forestry all depend on our ability to adapt to the changing mountain and foothill ecosystem. Working to create a diverse complement of strategic and tactical initiatives to combat and prepare for a changing ecosystem and climate has been a laser focus of mine since day one.

East County Equity

My core philosophy has been focused on developing a West and East County partnership. The legacy perception issues that have plagued District 5 and eroded trust between regional leaders at the Town and County are the focus of my effort in the first term. I have systematically approached every interaction with transparency, honesty, and authentic care for both understanding the differences and celebrating the similarities. My goal is always to build teams, relationships, and equity within people. I believe our County Staff is engaged in East County at the highest level because they care about Nevada County as a whole. They value our community, and they want to see our resources directly benefit our people in District 5. Resources are limited and my job, every time I have a voice, is to articulate the true needs of our community and develop support with my colleagues on the Board. I fight for East County, Truckee, and District 5 through the relationships I’ve built. I am supported in my objectives by my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors because I love and support our county; one County benefiting all people.